Considering adoption for my unborn baby

So You’re Considering Adoption?

Cradle of Hope’s adoption specialists is available to answer all of your questions and guide you through your pregnancy options, including selecting a loving family to adopt your child. We are here to help you through the entire adoption process step by step. Since 1990, Cradle of Hope Adoption Center has helped hundreds of women find the perfect home for their children. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, or you would like help with unplanned pregnancy options, let us help you!

Whether you have just found out that you are pregnant or your child has already been born, placing your baby or toddler for adoption may be the right choice for you. Did you know that with open adoption, you can choose the adoptive family for your child and stay in touch in the future?

Our adoption services are available at no cost to you. Adoptive parents pay for legal fees, reasonable pregnancy-related expenses, medical bills not covered by insurance, consulting, and counseling fees. Cradle of Hope can also help you find resources to meet your non-medical needs, such as help with living expenses, school supplies, household items, and maternity clothes. We’ll also help you understand the adoption legal rights of the birth father and how to proceed if your baby’s father is unknown or uncooperative.

If you are considering placing a baby or toddler for adoption, know that you’re not alone right now. Cradle of Hope has staff working seven days a week to answer your questions about your pregnancy options, placing a baby for adoption, and counseling.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with all your adoption questions.  We’re here to help!