Confidential Adoption Help

Free Adoption Services For Women Placing Their Baby For Adoption

Here are some of the adoption services Cradle of Hope offers to women considering adoption for their babies or toddlers:

  • 24-hour birth mother adoption hotline to answer any questions you may have. Call or text301-905-9999.
  • Quality counseling, goal-setting guidance, and confidential help with decision-making
  • Compassionate, personalized attention and support
  • A great selection of screened and qualified adoptive families who are interested in adopting an infant or older child
  • The ability to make an adoption plan for your older child
  • Access to and information about adoptive families of all religions, race, and ages
  • The opportunity to choose your baby’s adoptive parents
  • Help with learning about the legal adoption rights of birth fathers
  • The option to exchange ongoing letters, photos, and to meet the adoptive family
  • Medical, legal, public aid, and housing referrals, including information about child care and health care
  • Assistance in avoiding having your children removed from your home by Child Protective Services
  • Transportation to your doctor’s office and/or the hospital