Birthmother Testimonials

When I learned I was pregnant, I was left with a lot of questions and worries. The only thing I knew was I wanted the best life for my child. I found Cradle of Hope and knew they were a perfect fit because they were honest and very informative. They wanted to find the right family for my child, not just place her with anyone. I got to meet and talk with the families and chose the family I wanted to raise my daughter! Cradle of Hope supported me throughout the adoption process and for many years after. If you want to know your adoption options or need more information, Cradle of Hope is your best choice! I am forever grateful to Linda and Cradle for their care and compassion.

Kathy, Birth Mom

Placing my child for adoption through Cradle of Hope was a very positive experience. Linda and her team provided me with a ton of support, both before and after the placement. They helped me through two difficult pregnancies and always made sure that my needs were met. Cradle of Hope continues to facilitate my communication with my daughter’s adoptive family and makes sure I receive photos and updates on her progress. Cradle of Hope did a great job for me and I highly recommend them.

Nakia, Birth Mom

Cradle of Hope was there for us during the entire adoption process. I was very nervous about the situation until I came to their office and was greeted with a compassionate, understanding group of people. They answered all my questions and genuinely wanted me to feel at ease. Ten years later… I still check in with Cradle when I need to talk. They are always there for me.

Dave, Birth Father

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