Nigeria Post-Adoption Primary Provider Services

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center is happy to announce that we are now accepting applications from adoptive parents who have completed adoptions in Nigeria. Our “Primary Provider Post-Adoption Services Program” is designed to help families who have completed adoptions in Nigeria and need assistance in meeting U.S. immigration requirements for the issuance of an immigrant visa for the child.

Before internationally adopted children can enter the U.S. on an immigrant visa, adoptive parents must engage the services of a Hague-accredited U.S. adoption agency to act as the “Primary Provider” in the case. Cradle of Hope will provide the following services for clients:

Review all Nigerian adoption documents to determination the likelihood of USCIS approval of an immigrant visa prior to accepting a family’s application for services;

Initial and ongoing communication and supervision of exempt home study provider;

Provide required Hague education and training (through Creating a Family);

Homestudy services, if needed, for clients in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC;

Review and provide feedback on initial draft of the home study and review and approve final version;

Assistance with completion of USCIS and visa applications, documents, and forms:

Support and assistance with response to RFE, NOID, NOIR, etc. as needed;

Communication with NBC and US Consulate throughout process; and

Review of post-adoption reports.

Please note that we have no representatives on the ground in Nigeria.  We provide no adoption or other services in Nigeria and work with no supervised or unsupervised providers in Nigeria or in the US. We are unable to provide adoption assistance prior to the finalization of the adoption in Nigeria.