Family References

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Linda and her team at Cradle of Hope. Linda’s expertise, style, and accessibility through the entire process set our experience apart from the experience of so many other adoptive families we know. We’ve also been fortunate to establish a very open adoption with our daughter‘s birth mom. This was a goal we had going in to our relationship, but there a lot of logistical and emotional pieces to navigate which might not have possible without Linda‘s guidance. Anyone would be lucky to have Cradle of Hope on their team.

Joel & Crystal

Working with Cradle of Hope was wonderful. Our case manager went above and beyond our expectations. He was with us through every step of the process. The trip to China was organized so well. We would use Cradle of Hope again and recommend them to anyone considering adopting.

David & Melissa

We are so grateful to have worked with Cradle of Hope while adopting our daughter. They took care of so many details and had excellent communication with us. The support they provided at the hospital was amazing. We were very thankful for the compassion they had for our daughter’s birth mom both before and after the birth. Cradle of Hope provided so much guidance to us through the process and was able to provide valuable resources to our daughter’s birth mom. 

Matthew & Rachel

We had a wonderful experience with Cradle of Hope. The staff were friendly and welcoming right from the start, with fast response times to all of our questions. Our assigned social worker provided us with many resources and we felt like she stood by us through the process. She helped us sort out some tough questions and guided us to be truly self-reflective. We will always remember her as part of our adoption story and we are excited to work with her as we begin our adoption journey again. (Photo by Kathleen Hertel Photography)

Erik & Teresa

It is very important when you are starting your forever family to have people who are invested and committed to creating a positive experience for everyone. The professionals at Cradle of Hope gave us this experience. They provided “on site” staff for emotional support immediately following the birth and placement of our son. Cradle of Hope remained connected with us as we transit the post placement process. Cradle of Hope is a wonderful agency, we highly recommend and will request their continued assistance as we grow our forever family.

Larry & Tamar

I couldn’t speak more highly of Cradle of Hope! I contracted with them to help facilitate the adoption between the birth mom and myself. They were very compassionate to both the birth mom and myself. They went out of their way for us and always answered our questions, day or night. Their guidance through this process was invaluable.


We particularly appreciate how candid and down-to-earth Linda was throughout the adoption process. She was in regular communication with us at all stages of the journey. She was sensitive to, and respectful of, all parties in the adoption triad. We felt well-supported during both challenging and joyful times. Cradle of Hope guided us to the best possible outcome – the adoption of our daughter!

Kevin & Julie

Our Cradle of Hope experience was excellent. The team was extremely knowledgeable, organized and very responsive and supportive. We were overwhelmed at first with the process, paperwork and all the requirements for international adoption, but they broke it down for us and made it easy to understand. Our experience in China was great and our guides were so helpful and knowledgeable. They have also offered us support post adoption to make sure everyone is adjusting well. We highly recommend partnering with Cradle of Hope for international adoption. We had zero issues resulting from incorrect or incomplete documents and information. They were so thorough in providing the requirements and then carefully reviewing everything prior to submission. We know this helped move our process along as quickly as possible. We’re so grateful to have our son home.

Dimitri and Julie

We recently brought home our 6th child, our first from China. Cradle of Hope did an amazing job guiding us through the process and providing wonderful support every step of the way. Our emails were always replied to in a timely manner, we did not have any delays during the process and our in country stay went so smoothly. The staff at Cradle was always only a phone call away and we were encouraged to reach out to them any time we needed them. We took our whole family to China and Linda was so helpful in finding us wonderful accommodations, setting up tours and finding us some amazing guides that were so helpful in country. We have also received great support since getting home. Linda and Morgan have reached out to us several times to make sure things are going smoothly. This is our 3rd adoption, our first with Cradle of Hope. We would definitely recommend CHAC to any family starting the adoption process.

Robb and Teresa

We worked with Cradle of Hope as both our placement and home study agency. Throughout our entire process, the CHAC staff was always there and available to answer questions or emails, even on days they were supposed to be off or closed. Everything went so smoothly from start to finish. Our guides and all of the in-country support were fantastic. This was our first adoption experience and we felt extremely well cared for with CHAC and would happily recommend them. Thank you, CHAC staff, for helping us bring our son home!!

Daniel and Nicole

Cradle of Hope made our adoption process smooth and easy. They were very prompt in answering our questions via phone or email – and getting us the answers we needed whether it was more information, addressing our concerns, or coordinating travel arrangements. They explained the whole process thoroughly and made us feel at ease traveling to China to get our forever daughter. We never felt alone or without support during the process. Our son who traveled with us (6 years old at the time) has some severe food allergies and Cradle of Hope was able to get the extra info we needed regarding traveling to China with allergies. This individualized attention meant so much to us. While in China, everything went smoothly for us, and we knew exactly how to get a hold of them, if we had any issues. Their care and genuine concern for our family made us feel like we were working with family. We are so happy with our little girl and if we decide to adopt again, we will definitely choose Cradle of Hope.

Dave and Allie

We have four precious daughters from China and the last two were through Cradle of Hope. We have had great experiences both times. Linda was so wonderful to help push through all of our obstacles the first time. Her support in-country was so very much appreciated. During our second adoption we were impressed with the organization, staff, travel meetings, preparation/training and again in-country personal touches. While adoption is a very, very stressful time and no agency is perfect, we would NOT hesitate to use Cradle of Hope again!

James and Tammy

Cradle of Hope is a wonderful agency with amazing staff. From my initial call to our return home with our child, the staff were in constant contact providing answers and guidance. The adoption timeline is laid out in a clear and concise format and the staff responds to any questions or concerns. During in-country travel, we had contact with the agency EVERY day….whether it be 5 minutes or 50! The staff is dedicated and genuinely interested in helping families grow.

Jim and Kathy

We adopted our two beautiful children through Cradle of Hope. They were outstanding to work with during the entire process. They were knowledgeable, attentive, informative, caring and honest. We were in excellent hands prior to traveling and while we were in China. I would highly recommend Cradle of Hope Adoption Center!

John and Lara

My Cradle experience was very smooth. Your staff walked me and my family through all the steps of my adoption. The paperwork was intense but your staff was very helpful. The coordinators in China were very helpful and the trip went well. I’m so happy to have my son home.


We hosted our son in the Bridge of Hope program in 2014. We felt completely supported by our Cradle of Hope team, as emails were answered at night and on the weekends. When we traveled to China we felt fully prepared about what to expect. Our Cradle caseworker called regularly to check in on us. The trip went very smoothly, allowing us to fully bond with our son and enjoy the trip. We are truly blessed to have used this agency.

Matt and Maureen

Our family has been working with CHAC since 2004, through 3 international adoptions, and we highly recommend them. When you adopt, especially internationally, there are many questions and concerns you have from starting the process to completing an adoption. The staff at CHAC have always been there with their support, compassion, and professionalism. We have hosted several children from Russia and China over the years and thankfully adopted 3 children using CHAC. They walked us through the process, honestly explaining what would be your next step, and supported us, even daily, if needed. Our recent adoption in China was a perfect example of the caring nature of the CHAC staff. Every evening, we would get a call from them to review the day’s events and prepare us for our next day. The staff we worked with in China to transport and translate were also amazing. I felt confident in the process and couldn’t have asked for a more effective support team. Even upon returning to the U.S., I still felt their support. We have so enjoyed knowing the staff that we regularly keep in touch, seeing how we can help support them in their mission to find forever families for so many children. Again, I highly recommend working with CHAC for ALL your adoption needs.

Bill and Elaine

Morgan and Jufang provide a top notch service!!! Every single time I have ever called or emailed either ladies they have helped me immediately. Both of them provide a friendly, knowledgeable service and were always professional. They definitely deserve an 11+ on a scale from 1-10!!! Patrice is absolutely wonderful as well. She definitely extended tremendous support while we were in China and continually went above and beyond for me throughout the whole process. These three women truly made a very difficult (at times) process much easier. I am very grateful to them.

Steven and Renee

We appreciate the way Cradle staff walked with us each step of our journey. During the paperwork process, we could often expect a reply from Cradle staff within an hour. Preparing for the travel phase we were well supported and the whole China trip was very organized and we felt at ease. We appreciated the way Cradle staff checked in with us each day and provided encouragement during the transition with our daughter. The in-country staff were a tremendous support as well! Thank you for everything!!

Manoah and Grace

We enjoyed our experience so much with Cradle of Hope that we used them again for our second adoption. Both times we truly appreciated their attention to detail, experience base, and general kindness and sympathy shown towards us as individuals. Instead of being “lost” in a huge number of families at a bigger agency, the staff knew who we were right away when we called and knew exactly how to help us at each step. Our family has been so blessed by our beautiful kids, thanks to the hard working staff at Cradle of Hope.

Jonathan and Karis

Having the live support via WeChat of one of the senior staff members at CHAC while we were in China was a life saver. When we became overwhelmed we could call any time of the day or night and Patrice would get back to us right away even if it was in the middle of the night and she was sleeping. That kind of care was invaluable while we were 7000 miles away from home trying to navigate being an instant family of 4.

Randy and Katherine

More Happy Families……….

Craig and Lisa (MI) brought home their almost 4 year old daughter from China in 2017.

Matthew and Elizabeth (IL) brought home their almost 5 year old son from China in 2017.

Bryan and Stephanie (NY) brought home their 3.5 year old daughter and 7.5 year old son from China in 2017.

Stephen and Alison (AL) adopted a 7 year old boy from China in 2017.

Joshua and Emily (IN) brought home their almost 3 year old son from China in 2016.

Adam and Jill (IN) brought home their 4.5 year old daughter from China in 2016.

Marcus and Lindsey (MI) adopted a almost 4 year old boy from China in 2016.

Andrew and Kristin (IN) brought home their 2 year old son from China in 2016.

Laith and Tawni (IL) brought home their 7.5 year old daughter from China in 2016.

Peter and Daphne (PA) brought home their 3 year old daughter in 2016.

Jim and Lisa (FL) adopted their daughter from China in 2016.

Rob and Christina (PA) brought home their 2 year old son from China in 2016.

Scot and Jenna (NH) adopted their 4 year old daughter from China in 2016.

Jay and Ileah (OH) brought home a 4 year old boy from China in 2016.

Wendy (NY) brought home a 7 year old boy from China in 2016.

Dwight and Kim (GA) brought home two children from China in 2016. They adopted two boys, one 12 and the other 11.

Wendy (NY) brought home a 7 year old boy from China in 2016.

Dale and Amy (MD) were able to bring home their son and daughter together after hosting their daughter through our Bridge of Hope 2015 Winter program.

Malek and Roudy (MD) adopted an almost 7 year old girl in 2016.

Chris and Katherine (DC) adopted their son from China in 2015 when he was 1.5 years old.

Nate and Johanna (MI) adopted an almost two year old Chinese boy in 2015.

Michael and Diane (CO) brought home their 8 year old son from China in 2015

Garo and Sharon (MD) adopted a Chinese son in 2015

Caitlin (CT) adopted her then 3 year old daughter in 2015

Rebekah (MA) adopted her Chinese son at age 2.5 in 2015

Shannon and Eileen (NJ) adopted a 3.5 year old boy in 2011.

Brandon and Anna (GA) adopted a 6.5 year old Chinese girl in 2014.

Hilary and Christopher (MD) adopted 6 year old Chinese boy in 2014.

James and Kathleen (NJ) adopted two 4 year old Chinese girls in 2014.

Larry and Peggy (NY) adopted a 3 year old girl from China in 2013 after a seven year wait for a referral.

Todd and Stacy (NE) adopted a almost 3 year old girl from China in 2017.

Josh and Heidi (TN) adopted a 4.5 year old girl from China in 2017.

Joel and Betsy (WI) brought home their 8.5 year old daughter from China in 2017.

Hiram and Stacey (MD) adopted a 5 year old boy from China in 2017.

Scott and Christy (VA) adopted a 3 year old boy from China in 2016.

Barrett and Hilary (KY) adopted a 2.5 year old girl from China in 2016.

Ryan and Amber (NJ) brought home their 3.5 year old son from China in 2016.

Brian and Susan (MA) adopted an almost 5 year old boy from China in 2016.

Titus and Nancy (MD) adopted an almost 2 year old girl  in 2011 and an almost 3 year old girl in 2016.

Daniel and Becky (ID) adopted their 4 year old daughter from China in 2016.

Mitch and Rainer (TN) adopted their son from China in 2016.

Kriss (CA) adopted her 4 year old daughter from China in 2016.

Robert and Serenity (TN) adopted a 3 year old boy in 2016 from China.

Gregory and Elizabeth (VA) adopted their 2 year old daughter from China in 2016.

Michael and Lynn (VA) adopted a 6 year old boy from China in 2016 after hosting him through Bridge of Hope in 2015.

Michael and Kari (TN) brought home their son at the age of 3.

Chavonne (AZ) brought home her son after hosting him through our Bridge of Hope 2014 Summer program.

Francine (NJ) adopted an almost four year old boy from China in 2016.

Matt and Amy (MD) adopted their Chinese son at age 6 in 2015.

Matt and Amy (MS) adopted their Chinese son in 2015 at age 3.

Caleb and Kristene (MD) adopted two Chinese children in 2015.

Reid and Dawn (FL) adopted their Chinese son in 2015 at age 4

Neer and Melissa (WA) brought home their daughter from China at age 3 in 2015

John and Maria (NH) adopted an almost 4 year old Chinese girl in 2015

Charles and Robin (VA) adopted a 4 year old Chinese boy in 2012.

Nathan and Ashley (OH) adopted an almost 2 year old Chinese boy in 2014

David and Amy (DC) adopted a 6.5 year old Chinese girl in 2014.

Todd and Lori (OH) adopted a 3 year old Chinese girl in 2014.

Mike and Kelly (KS) adopted two 6 year old Chinese boys in 2014.

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