Birth Father consent for adoption plan

What About the Baby’s Father?

Every adoption must be approved by a judge and every judge knows that a child has two parents.  Even if the baby’s father is no longer in your life, or has been unsupportive or out of touch, he has parental rights that must be addressed.  

The birthfather must be told of your pregnancy and your adoption plan.  We hope that he will cooperate and support your plan by sharing his medical history and signing documents consenting to the adoption.  In some situations the adoption can proceed without his consent, as long as we can show the judge that he has been notified and has not objected.  We will need his contact information so we can reach out and seek his support.  If you don’t know how to contact him, we will have to tell the judge about our efforts to locate him. If you don’t know who the baby’s father is, we will explain that to the judge as well. 

If you decide that adoption is the best plan for your baby, we will do everything possible to address the rights of the baby’s father so that the adoption can proceed.