When A Birthmother Asks Herself, “Is Parenting Right For Me Now?”

When A Birthmother Asks Herself, “Is Parenting Right For Me Now?”

Many women question if they’re ready to be a mother. Some may question themselves because of financial constraints and others, because of their school or corporate careers. Some women want to have children, just later on in life when they have a husband to share the experience with. However, life gets complicated, people are complicated, and the future, especially in these ever-changing times we’re living in, seems so unpredictable. It’s hard to say what thefuture truly holds.

Waiting in the bathroom for the results of the pregnancy test, hoping that the man you’re with or your parents in the other room don’t find out about what’s really happening inside of you, can be scary. Thankfully, there are wonderful options for those women who question if being a mother in their current life is really for them. There are more options now than there have ever been before to ensure the best possible future for both the mother, and the child that grows inside of them.

Many couples dream of having children of their own but are unable to due to infertility or other medical issues. Other couples may already have children and still desire to grow their family and welcome in a new member with love and acceptance. No matter the reason, lots of loving parents and those who dream of becoming parents, would certainly love to raise your precious child.

That’s where adoption takes place. With adoption, you can rest assured knowing that your child will be in good, loving and nurturing hands of couples who have been carefully screened and prepared for adoptive parenting.

More than 1.5 million children living in the US are adopted and 7 million American citizens come from adoptive homes. Around 140,000 children are adopted in the US each year and the number grows every year so that every child finds a loving home.

With Cradle of Hope, you can receive services for free including transportation to your appointments or the much more needed help of financial assistance.

To those women who choose to follow through and carry the child growing inside of you into this world, please know that the parents who gladly take on the responsibility of raising up your children are being abundantly blessed by your act of selfless love. Please remember one thing above all when you may feel alone and things become too challenging—what seems like a mistake or lapse in judgment or timing, can become the greatest joy of another couple’s life.