Is It Hard to Put Baby Up for Adoption?

Is It Hard to Put Baby Up for Adoption?

The Emotional Challenges of Making An Adoption Plan
Is it hard to put baby up for adoption? How easy is it to put baby up for adoption? What are the challenges that I will face by choosing adoption? Will I ever be the same? Can healing be achieved if I choose adoption for my child? The simple answer: Putting your child up for adoption will be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, but it may also be the best decision you could ever make.

In The Womb…
A woman carries her child in her own womb for nine months. Her dream pregnancy brings dreams of happiness, fulfillment, and the opportunity for an amazing life. Her mind fills with visions of firsts; first steps, first words, first day of school, first anything and everything. This child brings with it joy, encouragement and hope for the future.

However, there is another woman who also carries her child in her womb for nine months but has a different experience. This mother faces uncertainty, fear, and pessimistic visions of a struggle for her future. Her pregnancy gives her a sense of doom; she is concerned about feeding, clothing, and safely sheltering her child. She faces pressure from family and peers to make certain decisions. She knows that she will never be able to maintain independence in her life as a mother.

What Is Adoption Really About?
The decision for adoption isn’t about rolling the dice on your child’s life and hoping for the best. The decision for adoption is about giving your child the opportunities and life that you may not ever be able to offer that child. Choosing adoption is about loving a child so much that you are willing to experience your heart breaking and sacrifice a portion of your soul for your child. Choosing adoption is the most selfless, brave, and courageous choice that a struggling birth mother can make for her child.

How Easy Is Adoption?
How hard is it to put a newborn baby up for adoption? That depends on the person who is choosing adoption and what level of peace the woman has with her decision. You may experience grief, loss, and heartache throughout the process, but you will find peace with your decision. How easy is it to give up a child for adoption? It’s not. It’s just not easy. There will be emotional challenges. Even if you block out your emotions for a period, they will resurface and you will still be faced with emotional challenges as you grieve the loss of your child. Eventually, you will walk a path of healing.

You Will Always Love Your Child
There is no way to emotionally cut yourself off from the soul tie that binds you to your children. After all, they were in the womb for nine months. A woman’s body creates this child, and creating something means loving it forever. However, healing is possible and is the right and responsibility of every birth mother. We all have a right to heal. The responsibility to heal lies with how we see ourselves and our children.

What Does Grief Look Like?
If you are considering adoption, or want to learn more about what the emotional process looks like, please contact Cradle of Hope for education and support through the resources that are available to you. Our adoption counselors can discuss your situation with you and help you to come to terms with the challenges that you will face.

What Will Make Choosing Adoption Easier?
How easy is the process for putting a newborn baby up for adoption? Well, it depends on your situation, but with an adoption professional, the process is not as complicated as you may think. Cradle of Hope can connect you with families to interview before choosing adoption, so that you can be sure you place your child with the family they were meant for.

Once you find the family your child will become a part of, so much more peace will fill your heart. It’s the turning point in the process of choosing adoption. When you know that your child will be safe, it will give you the energy and resolve that you need to move forward in whatever you are facing.

I Know Adoption Is the Best Decision
Remember that if adoption is the best decision for you and your child, there is hope! You are not alone, and Cradle of Hope staff and other resources available to help you. Adoption is the greatest sacrifice that we can make for our children, and while it may be the hardest decision you ever make in your life, it may also be the best decision you ever make in your life!