Is An Open Adoption Best For My Baby?

Is An Open Adoption Best For My Baby?

Open adoption is a wonderful and compassionate way for expectant moms and potential adoptive parents to agree on how they will interact after the adoption. With open adoption, you can choose and meet the family for your child. With Cradle of Hope’s guidance and support, you can work out how and when you will remain in contact with the child and adoptive parents. Open adoption allows you to see the child as he grows up and to know that you made the right choice.

Open adoption arrangements between adoptive parents and birth mothers can be very rewarding and beneficial. You should know that at all times you are in charge of the decisions that will affect you after labor and delivery and after the adoption process is complete.

There are many ways your baby can benefit from open adoption, including:

  • Your baby will know as he grows up that you loved him enough to want the best for him.
  • He will know his adoption story and that you made this choice because you love and care for him.
  • He will have the opportunity to know about his biological family, including important genealogy and health information.
  • Depending on the type of contact you choose, he will be able to know you through ongoing contact with you and with others of your choosing, such as siblings, grandparents, aunts & uncles.
  • He will feel secure, knowing you chose to place your baby for adoption out of love.

Open adoption also greatly benefits you, the mother. You will have the peace of mind you need to move forward, knowing your child is safe and secure through regular contact and updates from the adoptive family.