place the baby for adoption

I am not ready for a baby. Should I have an abortion or place the baby for adoption?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have options, including figuring out how to parent the child, finding a family member or friend to help, or arranging temporary foster care.

If you have explored those options and have concluded you must choose between placing your baby for adoption or abortion.  How do you decide?

Abortion immediately ends your pregnancy. You don’t have to carry the baby, feel it kick from the inside for the next several months, experience a painful birth or go through the grief you may feel when you leave the hospital without the baby. On the other hand, you will live the rest of your life knowing that you denied your child a chance at life.

If you chose to make an adoption plan for your baby, you will be putting your child’s needs ahead of your own and will be giving an incredible gift to a family who cannot conceive. Although you will grieve the loss of your child, you will know that you have given your child the chance for a happy and bright future with parents who desperately wanted a baby. We have lots of wonderful, carefully screened families who cannot wait to welcome a baby into their hearts and homes.

Neither choice is easy. You have to decide which one offers you the greatest peace.