Unplanned pregnancy adoption option

How Do I Place A Baby For Adoption?

Over the past 30 years, Cradle of Hope has helped numerous expectant mothers and birth mothers, throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, find loving, secure, happy homes for their precious, newborn babies.

Making an adoption plan for your baby requires tremendous LOVE, courage, faith, and determination to put your child’s needs ahead of your desire to love and nurture your child. NOTHING will or can make that decision – an act of love — easy. However, working with experienced, kind, and caring adoption professionals like those Cradle of Hope can make it easier. We will never pressure or judge you. We will not make you fill out unnecessary paperwork or sit through endless counseling sessions (although we believe that counseling for expectant mothers and birth mothers can be very helpful).

We will answer your questions and provide you the information you seek, without cost or obligation on your part. We know lots of wonderful, carefully screened, loving families (married, single, lesbian, and gay) who cannot wait to welcome a baby into their hearts and homes and are happy to assist with living expenses to the full extent allowed by law.

You can contact us anytime —call or text 301-905-9999.  We are ready to help!