Cradle of Hope’s Adoption Services in Md, Va and Dc

Cradle of Hope’s Adoption Services in Md, Va and Dc

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center is proud to be a private nonprofit adoption agency. But what exactly is private adoption? Private adoption or independent voluntary placement refers to an adoption in which a birth parent places their baby up for adoption, either before, during, or after the pregnancy, in connection with a specific set of adoptive parents. This is different from public adoption, or foster to adopt, where the birth parents are separated from their child due to issues of neglect, abuse, or illegal activity, and the child is placed in foster care and eventually ends up with a foster family. If the birth parents choose not to fight for custody of the child, or if the foster parents want the child to become a permanent member of their family, they can choose to adopt them.

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center offers adoption services that cannot be found in public or independent adoptions. We pride ourselves on being able to offer exceptional support and guidance throughout the adoption process. A few of the services we offer include:

Help Developing An Adoption Plan- Cradle of Hope can help you and your family develop your unique adoption plan to the exact specifications that suit you. We will walk you through choosing an open, semi-open, or closed adoption, including describing the individual benefits that each type can provide. Our team of adoption specialists will also help you develop your hospital and birth plan so that you are completely prepared for the special day. Our adoption plans will even outline what resources or support you may need throughout and after the adoption so that you can have every aspect laid out and noted.

Help Applying For Financial Assistance- Our adoption experts are equipped with the tools and knowledge required to make sure that adoption does not break the bank for you and your family. Together we will discuss what types of financial assistance are offered to birth parents and figure out which options you may be eligible for. Financial assistance can potentially cover anything from housing and living expenses during your adoption to the medical bills associated with the pregnancy and delivery. No matter your needs, chances are our team can find a way to help you and your wallet.

Help Finding the Perfect Adoptive Family- There are dozens of incredibly loving and capable parents awaiting a new addition to their family. With such a large pool of waiting families, picking the right one can sometimes seem daunting. This is why Cradle of Hope will walk you through every step of the family selection process and ensure that you find adoptive parents that are perfect for you and your child. Our family profiles are a great way to easily explore families waiting to adopt a child. Each profile consists of a number of photos of the adoptive parents and their home and a description of their story and interests. Once you have chosen the best family for your adoption needs, we will help facilitate any communication between you and them. From the first click to the last call, we are there for you.

Emotional Support- One of the greatest services that Cradle of Hope offers to every birth parent who utilizes our agency is free emotional support throughout the adoption process. Adoption can be an exciting yet understandably difficult time for many parents, which is why we want to make sure that you have the support you need to feel empowered in your adoption journey. Whether you are grieving the loss of your child or simply looking to discuss your thoughts on your adoption, our professional counselors are here to offer expert advice and therapy to those who need it.