How does Cradle of Hope screen families who want to adopt my baby?

Cradle of Hope receives lots of adoptive family inquiries each month, but only a handful of these families are accepted into our adoption programs. Our Executive Director is an adoptive parent and she wants to be sure that every child placed through our program has a bright and safe future in a loving home.

Every family we work with will have been educated about the adoption process, the choices our birthmothers can make, the need (or lack thereof) for contact with the birthmother before and/or after the child is placed, and how to raise the child to respect the birthmother and the difficult choice she made.

All families working with Cradle of Hope must provide documentation of their qualifications to be adoptive parents, including proof of their good health, lack of criminal or child abuse history, education, employment and income, letters of reference, support of extended family, community resources, etc. A social worker has visited their home, to make sure that it is a safe environment for a child. Every family is thoroughly screened and educated to be the best adoptive family possible