Down Syndrome Initiative

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative to help Chinese children with Down Syndrome get adopted. Through the generosity of our supporters, we are now able to handle these adoptions with NO AGENCY FEE. This represents a savings of more than $16,000. Families adopting children with Down Syndrome will be responsible for the costs of their homestudy, post-placement reports, dossier authentication, China’s dossier log-in and translation fees, USCIS fees, orphanage donation and travel expenses. Our staff will assist families with grant applications and fundraising. The $13,000 federal Adoption Tax Credit can provide additional financial support.

DSI Adoption Process

There are two ways to begin the process of adopting a Chinese child with Down syndrome through our program:

  • Child-Specific adoption – select a specific waiting child and move forward with that child’s adoption. You could choose a DS child from our list or we can find one for you from among the 400 Chinese children with DS who are waiting to be adopted.
  • Apply to adopt through our Down Syndrome Initiative, without a specific child identified. While you are compiling your adoption documents, we’ll be looking for the right DS child for your family.

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Financing Adoption Expenses

We understand that international adoption is not inexpensive. Our fees are determined based on domestic and overseas expenses, and include certain unavoidable costs such as rent, utilities, telephones, printing, supplies and postage, as well as compensation for our staff. Our fees must cover all operating expenses and provide sufficient reserve to cover months without placements or expenses incurred in connection with children who are ultimately not placed for adoption with our clients. We must also budget for travel expenses to foreign countries to begin new programs or iron out wrinkles in existing ones, as well as for foreign adoption officials to come to the United States to check on the adjustment of their children. Finally, it is important that our fees generate enough income to allow us to assist foreign orphanages with necessities such as food, clothing, medicine, and educational equipment for the many children who wait for families.

Here at Cradle of Hope we want to do all that we can to ensure that any person willing and able to care for a child is given that chance. Below you will find a list that our agency has compiled of organizations that offer grants, loans, tax deductions, reimbursements, and fundraising options aimed towards families pursuing adoption. Please read the descriptions carefully as many of these agency’s have eligibility criteria for determining their award recipients.

DSI Information Packet