Adopt from Liberia?

Liberia’s name means “Land of the Free”, based on the return of African-American freed slaves prior to the US Civil War. Liberia became the first African republic and independent country, free from European colonialism. Liberia’s primary language is English.

Cradle of Hope is proud to be working with Americans for African Adoption (AFAA), a registered NGO assisting Liberian orphans. AFAA was the first US adoption agency working with international adoption in Africa, beginning in 1986. They opened an orphanage in 2002 which employees a staff of 20 caring for approximately 35 children in the outskirts of Monrovia. Children available for adoption are ages 2 – 12, some in sibling groups, some children with medical issues. AFAA has found homes for more than 175 Liberian orphans. AFAA has twenty years of successful adoptions in Liberia, more than any other US adoption service provider.

Cradle of Hope’s Liberia program can also help with kinship adoptions of orphaned minor relatives by Liberian American families.

Adopting families can be married or single, generally ages 30 to 55, and will need to spend 6 to 8 weeks in Liberia to complete the adoption process, or make two shorter trips.

Why Adopt from Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is the world’s ninth biggest country by area, the largest of the former states of the former Soviet Union apart from Russia itself, and the richest country in the region due to its large oil and natural gas reserves. It borders Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan placed almost 700 children with US families in 2007 – 2011, but none since. It is now willing to resume placements to US families and hundreds of children are waiting for homes.

Available Children

Children ages 2 to 10 years old are available. The Kazakhstan government is offering only children with significant medical issues for international adoption, including missing limbs, cardiac defects requiring surgery, deafness, dwarfism, cleft lip/palate requiring surgery, spina bifida, microcephaly and similar conditions. Medical and developmental information is provided as well as photos and video. Sibling groups are also available.

Length of Process

Most families will need 5- 6 months to complete a home study, obtain US immigration approval and compile their adoption dossier.  Once the dossier is submitted to the Kazakhstan Central Authority, a child referral is expected within four to six months, depending on the child request.  Within 1 month of preliminary acceptance of referral, the family will travel to meet the child, remain for a long acclimation period, attend a court hearing and can then go home (the family may return home while awaiting the court hearing, which will result in a total of three trips).  At least one parent must return to Kazakhstan approximately six weeks later for approximately two weeks to complete the adoption, obtain the child’s immigrant visa and bring the child home.

Travel Requirements

If married, both parents must travel to KZ to meet child, accept referral, and for an acclimation period of about 4 weeks. In some circumstances there may be some flexibility which would allow one parent to leave early, return for the court hearing and then home to the US. One parent must travel back to KZ about 6 weeks after court hearing to process child’s US immigrant visa and bring child home. Families will be assisted by bilingual coordinators during their trips. Internal travel logistics including hotels, domestic flights and ground transportation can be arranged by our KZ office or own your own.

Eligibility Criteria

Adoptive parents must be at least 30 and not more than 55 years of age (with some possible exceptions on a case by case basis). Couples must be married at least 2 years. Applicants should be of good moral standing, good health, and financially secure. Single women are also eligible to adopt from KZ.

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