Bridge of Hope Hosting Program

Host a Chinese orphan in Winter 2020

Cradle of Hope is one of a very few adoption agencies that are organizing hosting programs for Chinese orphans this year. China’s adoption authority, the CCCWA, is selecting children, ages 4 – 12, for participation in the program. The children will arrive in Washington DC for a two week visit in January 2020.

Host Family Eligibility:

Host families should have a strong interest in adopting a Chinese orphan. You must be at least 30, no more than 50 years older than the child, and have 5 or
fewer children already in your home. You should be in reasonably good health, financially secure, and meet China’s criteria re: weight, income, net worth, and length of marriage.

Available Children:

The children nominated for the 2020 Bridge of Hope program are featured on our Waiting Children page  There are boys and girls, ages 4 to 12, with diagnoses including short stature, cerebral palsy, anemia, Down syndrome, post-operative congenital heart defect, post-operative spina bifida, developmental delay, and older but healthy children.


Program Requirements:

Host families must pick up and deliver the child to the Washington DC area. They will be expected to provide a safe, fun and educational visit for a Chinese orphan. Some families may also be asked to host the escorts who accompany the group to the US for a few days. Host families must have a home safety visit and report by a licensed social worker in their state, as well as criminal and child abuse records checks. Families with current, full homestudies completed by a Hague-accredited adoption agency will be better able to move forward with the adoption of the child they host.

Hosting Period:

The exact dates of travel are not yet established but we are planning for the children to visit in January 2020.

Still Have Questions?

Call or text us!  Cradle of Hope’s adoption counselors are always available to meet with you, in person or by phone, to make sure you are fully informed and comfortable with the adoption process.  We’ll help you make the best possible decision for you and your baby.