Will I get paid to put my baby up for adoption?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is never easy, and it’s certainly more challenging when dealing with financial hardship. Our adoptive families understand this and believe that women facing
an unplanned pregnancy should receive some financial help, as their pregnancy could affect their ability to work or live in their current residence or to care for family members.

Cradle of Hope families provide financial support to qualifying women who are creating an adoption plan and whose doctor says they can’t work due to the pregnancy or delivery. We can assist with obtaining insurance to cover your pregnancy-related medical needs. Financial help is available for items such as clothing, rent, utilities, and other pregnancy related expenses allowable under local law.

Some women ask “Will I get paid to put my baby up for adoption ?” The answer is simply, no. It is illegal to get paid for adoption. However, as we’ve discussed above, you can receive help with
pregnancy-related expenses. The adoptive family you choose for your baby will also cover all legal expenses.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, one of our adoption caseworkers would love to talk with you, walk you through the entire adoption process, advocate for you, and get you the assistance you need and deserve.