The Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive, Can I Still Choose adoption?

The Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive, Can I Still Choose Adoption?

You’re thinking of placing a baby for adoption, but the birth father isn’t in your life. You’ve decided that you’re going to continue with the adoption and you are wondering whether the birth father would need to be involved in the adoption process. Cradle of Hope will guide you in the right direction. You may not have the birth father in your life but we’re here to help you, regardless.

Is the adoption process different for single birth mothers?

Whether you’re single or have a partner, the adoption process doesn’t change. If you’re going through the adoption process alone, our staff will be there by your side. If the birth father is known, we must try to notify him in writing about your adoption plan. If the birth father is unknown, we will be unable to notify him.  At Cradle of Hope, not having the birth father in your life won’t deter us from helping you to place your baby for adoption.

What adoption services are provided for birth mothers?

At Cradle of Hope we offer support to birth mothers from all walks of life whether or not you have support from the birth father. We can assist as follows:

  • Help to identify an ob/gyn in your area, if you don’t already have one, and Medicaid coverage if needed
  • Help with transportation to medical appointments
  • Assistance with selecting and meeting an adoptive family
  • Support at the hospital during delivery and placement of the baby
  • Post-placement support
  • Living expenses, if your doctor indicates you are unable to work due to the pregnancy and/or delivery.

During your pregnancy, you will need routine check-ups to check up on the progress of the pregnancy. We will make sure you have access to medical care throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Does the birth father need to consent to the adoption?

If the birthfather’s identity is known, we are required to try to find him and notify him in writing of your adoption plan.  If he can’t be found or if you don’t know who the birthfather is, the adoption can still proceed without his participation.  If the birthfather knows that you are making an adoption plan and he objects, those issues should be resolved as soon as possible so the adoption can proceed.  Cradle of Hope can help with outreach to the birth father, to help him understand the adoption process and the benefit of adoption for the baby.

Is counseling available for single birth mothers?

Yes. At Cradle of Hope, birth mothers are our main priority and counseling is available for any birth mother who requests it. As a birth mother going through unplanned pregnancy, you’re likely going to be having feelings of stress and anxiety. Our counselors will listen, support and guide you throughout the adoption process. If you have insurance coverage, we will work to identify a therapist that accepts your coverage, so you can continue to receive support from a professional therapist long after your baby is placed.

Cradle of Hope is will walk with you through each step of the adoption process. You can call us at 301-587-4400, text us at 301-905-9999, or email us at  We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!