Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption After Delivery

Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption After Delivery

It isn’t uncommon to not be sure that you are going to “give up your baby for adoption” until you are at the hospital. We say “give up” because it is the most common term, but what you are doing is really anything but that. You are choosing love and your child’s wellbeing over everything else. Many women, just like you, are worried they are too late to even think about adoption.

If the baby is here and you know in your heart that adoption is the right choice, don’t worry. Cradle of Hope Adoption Center can find a wonderful family and home for your baby as quickly as possible. You will go through the same steps as the other women who have walked through our doors, just on an expedited basis. Most of it will take place in your hospital room.

So what happens when you decide that placing your baby for adoption after delivery is your best option?

The very first step is to talk to your hospital staff to let them know about your decision.  Then, you should call or text or email Cradle of Hope Adoption Center.  We are licensed in DC, Maryland and Virginia and have lots of experience with handling adoptions after delivery.

Cradle of Hope will help you create an adoption plan after delivery.  This is just what it sounds like – it is your plan for how you want your adoption process to go. Your adoption plan will include:

  • The type of adoption you want to have
  • The type of adoptive family you’d prefer to adopt your child
  • Where you are giving birth to your baby
  • The people you want involved in your adoption (even after delivery adoption plans need this)

There are three types of adoption – each one has its own benefits, and it all boils down to your comfort level. Don’t be afraid to talk to us about the options. We are trained to walk you through your options and not push you into an option you aren’t comfortable with.

  • Open adoption is when communication is done without the agency’s involvement and can include pictures, texting, phone calls, visitation, and more.
  • Semi-Open adoption is when communication is done strictly through the agency. There isn’t any visitation, but pictures and letters are shared.
  • Closed adoption is when there is no communication at all.

Pick the type of adoption that makes the most sense to you. It comes down to communication and what you are comfortable with.

You have the right to choose the adoptive family for your child, no matter what. Cradle of Hope will have you review parent profiles that match your adoption plan. This means you do have to think about the type of adoptive family you’d like your child to be in. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your thinking:

  • A family that already has children?
  • A childless couple that is wanting to start their family with one child?
  • Interracial families or races different from your race?
  • Would you consider a single parent or do you want a couple?

Adoption is never an easy process, and you’re doing it after your baby’s birth, which adds another level of challenge. There is no getting around that you have to make some important choices quickly. However, we are there to answer any of your questions or worries.

To learn more about adoption, contact Cradle of Hope Adoption Center. You can call us at 301-587-4400 or text us at 301-905-9999 or email at info@cradlehope.org.  We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!