Place baby for adoption after birth

Can I Place My Baby For Adoption After Birth?

Yes. You can place your child for adoption after you’ve given birth. You can also make an adoption plan at the last minute, even while you are in labor.

I’m in labor, can I make an adoption plan now?

Yes. If you are in labor and feel that you can’t take care of your baby, you have options. You can call Cradle of Hope to make an adoption plan. We can assist you to select a family who will be thrilled to adopt your child and provide an immediate, permanent, loving home for him or her. The adoptive parents you choose will come to the hospital as quickly as possible.

 I already had my baby, can I make an adoption plan now?

Yes. If you are still in the hospital or even at home with your new baby and feel that you cannot take care of him or her, we can help.  There are families waiting and eager to adopt young children, even if they are not newborns.  You will be able to learn about the family and to meet them to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible for you and your child.

 What is Safe Haven?

This is a national program that allows you to leave your infant at a designated Safe Haven location (a hospital, fire station, police station) without having to provide your name or sign any papers. The infant will go into the custody of your county’s Department of Social Services and be placed with a foster family. You have a certain period of time to return and ask for custody of the infant. If you do not, a court will terminate your parental rights and the county will locate a permanent adoptive home for your baby.  You will have no voice in choosing a family or learning how the child is doing in his or her new home.

What if I choose foster care for my child?

Foster care placement is a temporary option where the baby is placed into an approved foster home and long-range planning, either reunification with you, or identifying a prospective adoptive home, begins. Most foster care placements are under the authority of your county’s Department of Social Services, which should provide you with information about your parental rights, scheduling visitation, and requirements for reunification so that you may take your child home. If you decide to make an adoption plan, you will relinquish your parental rights to the county and they will select the adoptive family. In most cases, you will not have much input into the baby’s placement or outcome.

 Is adoption a better option than foster Care?

Deciding to place your child for adoption is your decision, not someone else’s decision, to make. It is a very profound and impactful decision. With adoption you can select your baby’s adoptive family, you can stay in touch with them, and you can get updates on the baby’s growth and development.  Although placing your baby for adoption may not be what you envisioned, you have the opportunity to make choices and decisions for yourself and your baby that will not be available to you if the baby goes into your county’s foster care program.

 What about the baby’s father? Does he need to know about my adoption plan?

The baby’s father has rights that need to be addressed before any adoption can be finalized. In some situations, an adoption plan can be done without his consent. It’s important to work with an adoption agency like Cradle of Hope, to make sure that your baby’s father’s rights are addressed legally in order to protect you, your baby, the adopting family, and the birth father.

 What if my family doesn’t want me to give up my baby?

While it is always easier to have support from your family and friends, this is completely your decision. If it would help, Cradle of Hope can speak to your family about your choice and why it’s the best choice for you and your baby.

 Can I get help with the hospital bills?  Living expenses?

Yes. The adopting family can help with your pregnancy and medical expenses, and your adoption advisor can work with you and the hospital to determine if you are eligible for Medicaid or other insurance benefits. If your doctor says you are unable to work due to the pregnancy or delivery, you can receive assistance with your living expenses during the last months of your pregnancy and while you recover from the baby’s birth.

 What is the next step?

Call Cradle of Hope (301-587-4400) to speak with someone who knows the ins and outs of last-minute adoption. We can answer questions that are specific to you and your situation, and help you figure out the best option for you and your baby.