Can I Choose Adoption if I Used Drugs During My Pregnancy?

Can I Choose Adoption if I Used Drugs During My Pregnancy?

I have been using drugs during my pregnancy. I’m thinking about adoption but now I’m worried that it’s not a choice I can make. Will anyone want to adopt my baby? Can I still put my baby up for adoption?”

Yes! Whether you are currently using or have used drugs in the past and stopped, please understand that this has no effect on whether or not you can make an adoption plan for your baby. There are no adoption requirements that would prevent you from placing your child due to drug usage. Cradle of Hope Adoption Center is here to help you create an adoption plan without judgment. You can call or text us to learn more at 1-800-923-6784 anytime, even right now!

If you think you might test positive for drugs at your baby’s birth, making an adoption plan can prevent the state from taking your baby through Child Protective Services. With adoption, you have a say in what happens to your baby, and you can keep in touch with the adoptive family after the adoption.

Finding the Right Adoptive Parents

While we encourage women to make healthy choices during pregnancy, there are many adoptive families who would be excited to be chosen by you, despite your drug usage history.  Cradle of Hope has adoptive families ready to adopt a baby who was exposed to prenatal drug use.  Cradle of Hope’s adoptive families have the support and resources needed to help them parent your baby. You can also maintain an open adoption after placement, where you keep in touch with the adoptive parents and your child as they grow up.

Being Truthful About Drugs During Pregnancy

Cradle of Hope encourages you to be as open and honest as you can when working with us. By sharing honest and complete information about your drug usage, Cradle of Hope can help find the right adoptive family for you.  We pre-screen each potential adoptive family and ask them how comfortable they are with prenatal drug and alcohol use. If you’re honest with us about when, how much, and what you used, we’ll match you with a couple is comfortable with that information. Sharing truthful information will help the adoptive family find the right resources and make the right choices to support and raise your child. The adoptive family should learn all the info they can to raise your baby successfully. That’ll mean they need to know your child’s medical history.

Knowing that your baby was exposed to drug use will allow the adoptive parents to be ready for the care of your baby post-delivery since he or she may be born addicted. In addition, letting the hospital staff know will prepare them to help your baby wean off the drugs in the hospital.

What Happens if You Test Positive for Drugs While Pregnant?

We often get questions from pregnant women asking things like, “Can I still put my baby up for adoption if I’ve been vaping while pregnant?” and “What happens if you test positive for drugs while pregnant?”

Women thinking about adoption come from all different types of social, racial, and financial backgrounds. Many of these women face personal challenges when they learn of their unplanned pregnancies, and sometimes, those difficulties include addiction or substance use. Cradle of Hope Adoption has many adoptive families available and ready to adopt a baby who was exposed to prenatal drug use. In other words, if you choose adoption, know that there’s an adoptive family out there for every expectant mother, substance abuse issues or not.

You can still choose adoption if you’ve been vaping or using other drugs during your pregnancy. If you’re surprised by an unplanned pregnancy and addicted to drugs or other substances, Cradle of Hope Adoption is here for you.  We will work with you to create an adoption plan without judgment. Call 301-587-4400 to learn more now.

If you’re wondering, “What happens if you test positive for drugs while pregnant?” you might be worried about getting into trouble. A good way to limit any involvement from child welfare organizations is to have an adoption plan in place if you think you might test positive for drugs.

Choosing adoption demonstrates you are making a positive, loving, thoughtful choice for your child. Even if you test positive for drugs during your pregnancy, you can start or move forward with an adoption plan.

Sharing information with Cradle of Hope Adoption about being pregnant and using or addicted will not lead to any consequences or punishment. Instead, this information will help Cradle of Hope to match you with adoptive parents who are prepared to take on any challenges a child may have resulting from your substance use.  Some adoptive couples may be better prepared than others to adopt a baby from a woman who is pregnant and using opioids. Cradle of Hope will not judge you based on any substance usage. Regardless of any other circumstances, a mother who chooses adoption for her baby is making a selfless and brave decision.

How Cradle of Hope Adoption Helps Women Who Use Drugs During Pregnancy

Besides helping with finding an adoptive family, Cradle of Hope can also help you get the support you need during your pregnancy. If you used drugs before you got pregnant, it can be hard to stop. Support is needed, even though you know that stopping is best for your baby. Cradle of Hope can connect you with a licensed therapist. Also, adoptive families in some states can help you with your medical costs.

Cradle of Hope will also help you get access to prenatal care. We will share your prenatal care records and medical history with the adoptive parents you’ve chosen (with personal identifying information removed).

If you’re considering adoption for your baby, just call \ Cradle of Hope Adoption at 301-587-4400. We’ll let you know what’s needed to get started. The adoption process is more straightforward than you may think and totally confidential.