This Is Your Choice

The face of adoption has changed dramatically over the past decade. Previously, women facing an unplanned pregnancy chose adoption because they felt they had no other choice. Not only were they pressured to choose adoption, but they had no say in how their child was raised, let alone a voice in how the adoption plan was to proceed.

Today adoption is very different. Not only can you choose from a variety of options when facing an unplanned pregnancy, but your voice will be heard throughout the entire As a birth mother, you are in the driver’s seat, choosing which road to take, how fast to go and is even free to stop and get out of the car whenever you wish. The adoptive family is in the backseat, going along for the ride with the birth mother, but not having any control over the trip itself.

When choosing adoption, you have more than that one choice to make. You can select a family for your child, including whether the family is local or out of state, whether the family lives in a city or suburb or rural area, whether you want your child to grow up in a household with family pets, or in a certain religion or if you want your child to grow up with a sibling. It is all your choice.

In addition to choosing what family to place your child with, you can choose to see your child grow up through pictures and letters. Or you could choose a fully open adoption, where you have the opportunity to visit your child in his new family. You can choose to meet the adoptive family before the baby arrives, or may speak with them on the telephone or via e-mail. While at the hospital, you may choose to have the adoptive family present during the birth, or may specify that you do not want them there.
Today’s birth mothers are very much in control of their own adoption plan. The choices are yours to make and your voice will be heard. On the long road to adoption, there are many twists and turns, many routes to choose from. With the birth mother at the wheel, you decide where the process goes. Everyone else is just along for the ride.