How Do I Know if I’m Making the Right Decision

How Do I Know if I’m Making the Right Decision?

Our journey in life is often unexpected and we must sometimes face decisions that are challenging. Choosing to place your baby for adoption may be the most difficult decision you ever make. It has been Cradle of Hope’s experience that women who choose adoption have an incredible inner strength, and even when confronting hardships can find the positives that can come out of an unplanned pregnancy.

Thinking about the reasons you may be considering adoption will help you reach a final decision. Your Cradle of Hope social worker will be able to help you develop a list of factors that impact your adoption decision.  Below are some reasons why adoption may be in your and your child’s best interest. For many women, more than one reason involved. Perhaps some of these reasons will resonate with you:

  • Parenting one or more children already
  • Unstable housing/homeless
  • Unstable family situation
  • Want my child to have two parents
  • Unstable financial situation
  • Not emotionally prepared to parent
  • Religious beliefs
  • Feel too young to become a parent right now
  • Feel too old to become a parent right now
  • Want to choose a different environment for my child
  • Not ready to parent another child right now
  • Single
  • Lifestyle is not appropriate for a child
  • Physically unable to care for a child
  • Negative relationship with the baby’s father
  • Circumstances of the conception
  • No support from the baby’s father
  • Problems in my marriage/relationship
  • Want to help someone become a parent by allowing them to adopt my baby
  • Don’t know who the other parent is
  • Lack of support from family
  • Lack of support from friends
  • Continuing education plans
  • Don’t want parents/family to know of the pregnancy/baby
  • Baby may have special needs/disability